Securing Content

Document sharing in combination with social networking is being used promote content visibility and web presence.  Many document sharing websites offer easy sign up/login using social networks, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc….

For the most part, the following actions can be perfromed on text-based content:

  • Copy and paste.
  • Download.
  • Print.

Question:  Why is that important?
Answer:  Some of the sites evaluated in the table below can be configured to limit to content sharing.  The capability exists to make documents private and restrict downloads.  One of the featured websites even offers the option to restrict ‘copy and paste’.
Sign up/login with social account: Yes (Facebook) Yes/No (Google+) Yes (Facebook) Yes (Facebook) No Yes (Microsoft Acct.)
Must sign up/login to view shared content: Yes No No No No No
Copy and Paste text: Yes Yes Yes Yes* No Yes
Shared documents can be embedded: No Yes No Yes Yes Yes




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