Network Drives

For those of you who have suffered data loss due to a corrupted USB stick, there are free alternate options to avoid a repeated incident.  The Desk Jockey Network advocates the usage of file hosting services or network attached storage (see below).

The three file hosting services preferred by our site and it’s users are Dropbox, Google Drive, and SkyDrive.  The table below illustrates some of the advantages and disadvantages of one (free) provider versus another.  Users requiring additional storage space can purchase it from their preffered provider.

Dropbox Google Drive SkyDrive Local*
Stogage Space (Free) 2GB 15GB 7GB n/a
Can sign-in with existing account
(Hotmail, Gmail)
No Yes Yes No
Can share documents via link Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can view documents online: Yes (Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter) Yes (Gmail, Facebook, Google+, Twitter) Yes (email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Yes (email, Facebook)
Can prohibit downloading: No Yes Yes No
Edit Documents (Locally) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Edit Documents (Online) No Yes (Google Docs) Yes (Microsoft Web App) No
iOS, Mac, and Windows Application Yes Yes Yes Yes


*Verbatim® MediaShare™ Network Attached Storage (NAS).

Visit  for MediaShare Premium Pack ($9.99 lifetime license).

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