How to Install your own HTPC

What’s included in this Instructive™?

  1. Usenet Configuration
  2. HTPC Network Configuration
  3. SABnzbd Installation
  4. CouchPotato Installation
    • Requires:  Usenet Server, SABnzbd, and Indexing Sites.
  5. SickBeard Installation
    • Requires: Usenet Server, SABnzbd, and Indexing Sites.
  6. Kodi Installation

Usenet Configuration

To setup your media center, you’re going to need an application to download content.  Since we aren’t going to be downloading torrents, we’ll be using a browser-based application written in python.  Interestingly enough, has already provided us with a list of Usenet recommended servers.  We typically recommend – click on the link to sign-up!

Usenet Indexing Sites

Instead of using torrents, our system relies on NZBs.  NZBs require a usenet server (for downloading) and a indexing site (for finding the downloads).  SABnzbd has already provided us with a list of recommended NZB indexing sites.

SABnzbd Installation

Now that your Usenet server is setup, and you’ve created accounts with some indexing sites, you might as well install SABnzbd.

Sick Beard Installation

We’re making progress!  Now that you’re setup for downloading, lets set your system up to automagically (see what we did there?) get your favorite television shows…

CouchPotato Installation

We might as well install something to automatically download our favorite movies too, and while we’re at it – let’s set it up so that we can add movies through IMDB!

Kodi Installation

Okay, so we’re all setup to download, we have our TV shows all sorted out, and movies – we’re almost done… but, let’s put it all together with a very cool media player that is based of the X-Box Media Player – it’s now called Kodi!

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