How to Add Proxy Access

This Instructive applies to the Novell GroupWise webmail client.

  1. Go to the URL (website address) of your webmail client and login.
  2. Click the settings button (looks like a gear icon) – upper right hand side.
    • A drop-down menu appears.
  3. Select Options.
    • A popup window appears.
  4. Select Proxy Access tab/button.
  5. Click Add Entry.
    • A new dialogue appears in the popup window.
  6. At that step, use the Address Selector to find the address.
    • Type the contact name in the input text field.
      • In most cases, it’s easiest to type the last name.
      • Otherwise, type the first name and last name – without a comma.
    • Click Find.
    • Once the entry is found, double-click the entry.  It will appear in the text box, under Select Address.
    • Now that the entry is under Select Address, double-click the checkbox to the left of the name, and click OK.
    • For Appointments, make sure Read and Write is checked.
    • All other options are as required.

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